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Food Grade Mineral Oil Lubricants

Food Grade Mineral Oil

Coastal Packaging specializes in Food Grade Mineral Oil Lubricants which are sold under our “Coastal Prime” company brand or thru private label.

We provide products for Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic applications.  The following food grade lubricants are readily available:

  • Machine Lubricant Oil
  • Cutting & Sharpening Stone Oil
  • White Mineral Oil
  • And many other applications.

Coastal Prime products contain no plant or animal derived components and therefore contain no proteins, glutens, fatty acids, or pesticide residues.  These products also contain no genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).

They meet FDA and Canadian regulation for food applications with direct and indirect contact and use in animal feed.

Our products are Kosher and VEGAN certified, Gluten & Allergen Free, Free of any VOC’s and carry BSE/TSE statement.  These products contain no animal or plant derived materials and therefore there is no possibility of any Bovine, Ovine, Porcine, or Caprine in the use of these food grade mineral oil products.

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